How to bet on Rugby – 1×2 markets:

Let’s learn how to bet on Rugby games. Whether you want to bet on Rugby League or Rugby Union, this guide will teach you how to make the most from your passion for the sports and profit with the top bookmakers in UK.

The most popular system to bet on rugby is the same as football (soccer) and ice hockey, the 1×2. However, as the draw is much less likely to happen in comparison with football, for example, the average odds in the rugby markets are a bit different.

Rugby betting odds – real-life examples:

In the upcoming game of the Rugby League World Cup between Fiji and Italy, these are the current odds.

Fiji’s victory: 1.11
Match Draw: 32.48
Victory of Italy: 6.60

The odds of Fiji are smaller because the markets consider them the favorites to win the upcoming game. The bigger the odds, the less likely the event is to happen in the eyes of the betting community.

The community is formed by the sportsbooks that release the odds, and the bettors. If the bettors wager a lot of money in a particular event, the bookies react and change the odds.

The system is global and the betting doesn’t have to be placed in a single bookie. In a way, the system is similar to a banking system, as the liquidity is distributed in a combined way.

Understanding the potential betting prizes of rugby bets

The odds above are multipliers that determine your potential prize if you bet on a specific event. Let’s simulate bets of £100.

Potential prizes of a £100 bet:

Fiji’s victory: 1.11 * £100 = £111
Match Draw: 32.48 * £100 = £3248
Victory of Italy: 6.60 * £100 = £660

Betting bonus: rugby league and union bets

If you register an account at most British bookies, you’ll earn some kind of betting bonus to test the services of their sportsbook.

Normally the most popular form of bonus is the deposit bonus. Usually, for every £100 that you deposit you get between 50% and 100% more to bet.

These wagers can be on any sport that they have odds unless they say so in the terms and conditions.

It’s always advisable to check the terms and conditions before placing wagers expecting potential profits derived from betting bonuses.

Summary: rugby betting 101

The key to profiting from your passion for rugby, is to have good information and or good luck. It’s also important to know what you are doing at a bookie: do you want to bet for fun or do you want to take this seriously like a professional gambler? Responsible gaming is very important to keep your relationship with the fun of betting healthy. Even professionals have fun betting on rugby and other sports, but it’s important to review your relationship with betting constantly.

Now choose a trustworthy British bookie and good luck!